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  1. A 2 night deposit is the minimum required at time of booking.
  2. Bookings that fall within the Red Bands and the Country & Western long Weekend must be paid in full at least 1 month before arrival. All other bookings must be paid at least 2 weeks before arrival. No reminder will be sent.
  3. If you need to cancel your booking, the first 2 nights of your booking will be retained.
  4. A charge of £5 will be applied if you amend your booking dates. All alterations to bookings must be paid for at the time.
  5. We do not allow more than 2 vehicles on a pitch at any one time, this includes Day Visitor vehicles. Please note that we do not have any on- site parking.
  6. During busy times, we will only accept day visitors that have been pre-booked prior to your arrival. We will not accept any day visitors if we feel the holiday park is at full capacity. Only one day visitor vehicle allowed at any one time. Commercial vehicles will NOT be allowed. Day visitors must vacate no later than 6pm.
  7. Data Protection requires that day visitors must be accompanied into Reception by the person whose name is on the booking in order to collect a vehicle pass. There is a parking charge, irrespective of the time the vehicle will be staying.
  8. Northam Farm regret we are unable to reserve specific pitches and therefore cannot guarantee that groups of family or friends will be sited together. This particularly applies during peak periods.
  9. Northam Farm will endeavour to site you in the field you have booked but this is not always possible. We therefore reserve the right to change your booking. Though we would try to inform you of any changes, it is not always possible before arrival.
  10. Northam Farm reserves the right to not accept 1 night bookings during busy times.
  11. Reservations are not transferable.
  12. You have no right to add people to your booking, before or after you check in. When considering any request to add to a booking we may refuse for any lawful reason including the size of the proposed group. Do not presume that just because you are on site you can add to your booking.
  13. If you terminate your holiday early, no refund will be given for your remaining nights, unless you are entitled to cancel our contract due to a breach of it by us.
  14. Northam Farm reserves the right to cancel bookings due to adverse weather conditions.
  15. Arrival time is 10.30am. If you arrive early and your pitch is free you can check in early.
  16. Departure time is 10.30am. If you wish to extend your departure time please ask Reception. We regret this is not possible on any WatersEdge pitches, Lakefield Hardstanding pitches, Hillview Hardstanding, or any Disable pitch. Extensions on other pitches are subject to availability and time of year. There is no charge for a late stay. A late stay is defined as leaving no later than 2pm. If you wish to stay later, you must pay for another night.
  17. Northam Farm is a family park, therefore we do not accept bookings from more than 2 people unless you provide evidence to our reasonable satisfaction that you are all couples (married or in a civil partnership) or all members of the same family. We reserve the right to refuse admission to any person(s).
  18. Commercial, sign written or converted vehicles are not permitted on Northam Farm unless by prior arrangement. You may be asked to provide a photograph of your vehicle prior to arrival.
  19. Unlicensed motor vehicles e.g. quad bikes, powered scooters (including E scooters) etc. are not permitted on Northam Farm.
  20. There is a 10mph speed limit on Northam Farm.
  21. Electric bikes must be ridden sensibly and not at speed through Northam Farm parks.
  22. All vehicles on Northam Farm are governed by the Road Traffic Act. Uninsured and unqualified drivers will be subject to police prosecution.
  23. Children must always wear a seatbelt. DO NOT carry your child on your lap when the vehicle is in motion.
  24. When sited on Grass pitches, your vehicle must be parked on the nearside of your caravan or tent.
  25. All customers must have Public Liability insurance.
  26. Northam Farm does not permit private selling of Caravans, Motorhomes or any goods on site.
  27. Arrivals after Reception has closed will only be allowed on pitch at the reasonable discretion of the Night Security Guard.
  28. Noise must be kept to a minimum, particularly after 11.00pm. Please respect the occupants of other units on the Park.
  29. Northam Farm reserves the right to terminate the booking and immediately evict any person and their party whose conduct is a serious nuisance to the Holiday Park or any guest and where (in the event of a nuisance which is capable of remedy) you have failed to comply with reasonable notice to put matters right. Aggressive behaviour and bad language will not be tolerated.
  30. Northam Farm reserves the right to pass on personal details to other holiday parks in the area of any guests whose conduct has been a serious nuisance to the Holiday Park, as per clause 29.
  31. Northam Farm reserves the right not to accept any bookings from persons who have stayed previously and whose behaviour was not acceptable or left an outstanding balance.
  32. Northam Farm accepts Rallies. We reserve the right to close a field or an area of a field or ask for your caravan to be moved.
  33. Any caravan left in storage is done so at the owners’ risk. No awnings are permitted and the electric must be disconnected. Storage is not permitted on any WatersEdge, Lakefield Hardstanding pitches, Hillview Hardstanding or any Disabled Pitch.
  34. Parents or Guardians must take full responsibility for their children at all times and should make themselves fully aware of any potential hazards or dangers around Northam Farm Holiday Park. Our fishing lakes have deep water and are unfenced and we would advise that all children should be supervised by an adult at all times. Please be aware that due to the nature of our countryside there are also many unprotected ditches.
  35. The Highway Code applies, therefore we recommend that cycle helmets should be worn whilst cycling and lights fitted.
  36. Ball games are only permitted in the specific areas provided around Northam Farm. Should any damage be caused, you will be held responsible.
  37. Young children must be accompanied by a responsible adult when visiting the toilets/shower blocks. Girls and Boys over the age of 8 years should use the appropriate male/female toilets whenever possible.
  38. Children are not permitted to play in or around the toilet/shower buildings.
  39. Children and teenagers will not be allowed to gather in the Northam Farm buildings and use them as a “youth club”.
  40. Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, roller blades/skates are not allowed inside any of Northam Farm buildings.
  41. Go Carts, BB Guns, lasers and water bombs/balloons are not permitted on Northam Farm.
  42. Hover Boards are permitted but must not be used on the highway.
  43. Hover Karts & Segways are NOT permitted.
  44. Please make yourself aware of where Fire Hydrants are located. They must not be used for washing vehicles, your caravan or for any recreational activity. Please advise Northam Farm Reception if you notice any damage.
  45. The flying of Drones is not permitted from or on Northam Farm Parks.
  46. BBQ’s must not be left on the ground. They must not be used indoors or near any unit for risk of fire or Carbon Monoxide poisoning. BBQ’s must be disposed of in the metal bins provided.
  47. Chinese Lanterns are not allowed due to risk of fire and injury on Northam Farm and on neighbouring campsites as well as to livestock and farm buildings.
  48. Fire Pits and similar are not allowed.
  49. Windbreaks must not obstruct the thoroughfare between units as this constitutes a fire hazard. One 5 pole windbreak is permitted and should be for day use only.
  50. Do not leave rubbish outside overnight as this attracts seagulls and vermin.
  51. The area around your pitch must be kept clear to enable grass cutting and maintenance.
  52. Northam Farm does not accept liability for loss, damage, accident or injury to persons, property or personal possessions during your stay unless this has been caused by our negligence or other breach of legal duty.
  53. Dogs must never be left unattended and must be kept on a short lead at all times except in the exercise areas. Owners are responsible for the removal of any fouling. Northam Farm reserves the right to refuse any dog on Northam Farm Parks which is disruptive or a danger to fellow residents and staff. If a dog causes distress or injury to guests or staff, the owner will be asked to remove the dog from Northam Farm Parks.
  54. Due to limited capacity, Northam Farm Bar & Takeaway is strictly for those staying on Northam Farm parks. You will be issued with a pass that you will need to show if asked to do so. Failure to do so will mean that you may not be served and asked to leave. Please do not invite family or friends from off site to join you.
  55. An Environment Agency Rod License and a Northam Farm Fishing Permit are required to fish our lakes. These should be kept on your person at all times whilst fishing and you may be required to show them if requested by any member of Northam Farm Staff or Environment Agency Official. Rules of the Lake must be adhered to at all times and can be obtained from Northam Farm Reception.
  56. As we have our own Grocery Shop on site, we do not allow Supermarket deliveries on site.
  57. During quieter periods, it may be necessary to reduce the opening hours of certain facilities.
  58. Licensing Regulations state that no persons under the age of 18 years are permitted in Scotty’s Bar unless accompanied by an adult. Numbers of visitors to Scotty’s Bar are strictly controlled by the Fire Authorities and due to its popularity admission cannot be guaranteed.
  59. We do not knowingly allow anyone to use or visit Northam Farm who is a convicted child sex offender, subject to the notification requirements of the Sexual Offences Act 2003, or subject to a Risk of Sexual Harm Order or Child Abduction Notice.
  60. Northam Farm reserves the right to amend any of its Terms or Conditions at any time to comply with Health and Safety regulations and for the welfare of our visitors and staff.
  61. Privacy Notice can be viewed by going to Northam Farm website and clicking on Privacy Notice. Alternatively, please ask for a copy from Reception or Caravan Sales Limited.




We promise to keep all our customers safe. We ask you not to book if the law prevents you visiting or staying with us or if Government guidance means that you should not visit or stay with us, even if the law still allows you to. Our promise also means that there are limited circumstances in which we may need to cancel your holiday.

We have the right to cancel your holiday, or any unused days, if the law prevents you visiting or staying with us. If your holiday has not started, then we will refund your booking in full less any costs we have already incurred on your holiday which we cannot recover elsewhere (“Direct Costs”). If your holiday has started, then we will refund in full any days unused when we cancel, again less any Direct Costs. 

We also have the right to cancel your holiday, or any unused days, if Government guidance means that you should not visit or stay with us, even if the law still allows you to. If your holiday has not started, then we will refund your booking in full. If your holiday has started, then we will refund in full any days unused when we cancel. We will not deduct any Direct Costs. 

In view of the above, we also reserve the right to cancel any event at short notice.

Northam Farm (Booking Terms & Conditions)

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